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  • Solutions Through Innovation
    Challenging the way things are done
  • We Specialise in cost effective
    and lasting products and solutions
  • We pride ourselves on delivering quality products
    all the time working safely and endevouring to protect our environment

Welcome to CoBond


Challenging the way things are done, CoBond Material Solutions is delivering cost-effective products and solutions to overcome excessive wear while reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Some of the innovative products and solutions we manufacure and supply include: fast curing conveyor belt repair kits, proprietary bonded high density ceramic wear plate liners, advanced light weight composites structures, specialist adhesives and sealants, protective coatings and polyurethane castings.





Delivering Outcomes

For many years we have solved customers wear problems through specifically formulated polyurethane products and engineering solutions that have met the needs of each specific application.


This in turn has enabled our customers to greatly improve the wear life of thier machinery and signifiacntly reduce their ongoing maintenance and running costs.





What we do...

Organisations are looking for new and innovative ways to increase production or output, while reducing wear and tear on machinery and saving on costs - all at the same time.


We understand this and is why we specialise in cost effective and lasting products and solutions which are designed to overcome excessive wear.




Turnkey Solutions



    1. Engage

    We talk to you to understand all aspects of the problem.


    2. Develop

    Analysing the information, we determine the effectives of possible solutions.


    3. Implement

    Not only will we implement the selected solution, we will monitor it.


    4. Review

    We will review and evaluate the solution to determine whether the desired outcome was achieved.


    5. Ongoing Support

    We'll continue to provide ongoing support even after an outcome is achieved.



Cast Polyurethane
We replaced our rubber seals with CoBond's cast polyurethane seals. We have seen the maintenance change out of the rubber seals go from 6 - 10 weeks to 9 - 12 months with the polyurethane seals. Massive saving - thank you!
Ceramic Wear Liners
We've been so impressed with CoBond's ceramic wear liners. CoBond's solution has significantly outlasted the liners we previously used. Their solution has delivered real benefits and cost savings.
Conveyor Belt Repairs
Since using CoBond's conveyor belt repair products, we have consistently extended the life of a damaged belt. This has saved us millions of dollars. Keep the innovative solutions coming...