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Advanced Composties

Industries can benefit enomously from the introduction or incorporation of advanced composites as alternative structure, products or components. We engineer and manufacture a range of composite products which are more durable, light weight, stronger and corrosion resistant.




Benefits of using composites

  • High Strength - able to be designed in a way to be stronger than aluminum or steel.

  • Light Weight - strength without being heavy and have the highest strength-to-weight ratios.

  • Corrosion Resistant - resist damage from the weather and from harsh chemicals. 

  • High Impact Resistant - can be made to absorb high impacts.

  • Non Conductive - Composites are non conductive, meaning they do not conduct electricity.

  • Low Thermal Conductivity - extremely good insulators, meaning they do not easily conduct heat or cold. They are used in buildings for doors, panels, and windows where extra protection is needed from severe weather.

Formula Series Boat

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Composite Rolls

Structural Composite Panels