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Protective Coatings

Protective coating systems provide chemical, corrosion, abrasion and impact protection for a range of substrate surfaces including concrete, timber, fibreglass and steel.


Our advanced polyurethane protective coatings have been specifically developed for each application and substrate by our own industrial chemists, to provide superior surface substrate protection including high tear and impact resistance, anti friction, UV stability, chemical resistance or corrosive protection.

The benefits of our protective coatings include:

  • fast application with excellent adhesion to the substrate;
  • low and cold temperature curing capability;
  • resistance to aggressively corrosive environments;
  • excellent abrasion resistance; and
  • high impact resistance.

Our coatings include anti-friction coatings, corrosion resistant coatings and wear and abrasive resistant coatings:

  • PC Spray is an advanced protective 100% solids polyurethane coating.
  • PC Trowelable is a two-part trowelable polyurethane coating with 80A shore hardness. It can be applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces up to 20mm thick without sagging or slumping. For more information click here.
  • PC Advanced is a trowelable coating embedded with high wearing silicon carbide ceramic.


They can be applied to storage tanks, pulley's, oil and gas pipeline, water and wastewater tanks and pipes, marine vessels and commercial facilities, vibratory screens and feeders, rail wagons, concrete trucks, structural materials and mineral processing tanks.




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